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Introduction to Banned Sites 2019


Introduction to Banned Sites In 2019 we will explain how we can enter the Internet connection with simple ways of setting the blocking. We have entered the banned sites, we will deal with our experiences.

Introduction to Prohibited Sites Why?

As you know, hundreds of sites can be blocked in our country every minute. Maybe God bless tomorrow and the next day on our sites will not be blocked. No access to any site is blocked within four hours without a court decision. Even the best DNS setting sometimes cannot help to remove this situation. We’ve provided a little information about these situations in your Windows 10 DNS replacement. So why are banned sites on the internet still online? The servers have a specific thread. TTnet or other operators who have received your internet service have DNS addresses and you can access our sites through these addresses. In other words, you cannot access the banned site because of an obstacle to these servers. When we change DNS, we first get to the TTnet Server >> Dns by modifying the server we connected to >> then to the banned site.

Even the best Dns addresses may not allow us to reach our site. Dns don’t work In 2019, we get a lot of complaints. The reason is that you may have put the dns address 2019 on the server that you are banning. By accessing alternative Dns addresses, you can have access to many forbidden sites.

How to Set DNS?

The issue of how the DNS setting is made is still an unknown topic. A lot of APK and the application is actually available for them. But users who want to set DNS without downloading the application, they want to change the dns addresses by making manual settings. Of course, a lot of used dns address does not open us immediately to the sites we want. The question of whether the ip addresses you find on the right or the left are safe. So what should I do to change DNS?

First, obtain a server IP address that you trust. This can be Google DNS. Yandex can be DNS. Secure server to your advantage. Some succulents can redirect your computer as a zombie computer via your IP IDs.

You must know how to use some computer for setting up DNS. If you don’t know, you can do the dns change with the picture and video description described below.

Step-by-Step Methods to Access Banned Sites

First, click on the ’Open Network Sharing Center ges link with the left mouse button in the network connections icon in the lower right corner and start with the left mouse button.

network sharing center windows 7
network sharing center windows 7

Then a window opens up. Ad View Your Basic Network Information And Set Up Your Links “is displayed on our window. In this short picture, we click on the gereken Local Area Connection om button, which is marked with a red arrow on the FazlaBilgi.Com logo.

Introduction to prohibited sites Introduction to network connectivity 2019

In the next stage, we will have a smaller window. Check the text on this window. U Local Network Connection Status ında, click on the left mouse button in the de Properties ufak section, which is marked with a red arrow.

Changing Dns 2019

In the next stage, we have approached the part that is needed to access the banned sites. Once you click on the features, there will be another small window. If this small window is over, it should be typing Özellik Local Area Connection Properties Bu. What we need to do in this section is to select the menu named ili Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) iniz, which is the menu that we enter the DNS setting IP number from the menus listed below, and then click the DNS Properties üler button with the red arrow and click the left button of your mouse.

Local network connection features for access to banned sites
Local network connection features for access to banned sites

After clicking on the Properties button, we’ve come up with a new window that opens the area where we will write the IP numbers required for DNS replacement. I feel like you said it was a long process. Finally, after this change, you will be able to successfully set up your Dns settings for 2019 banned sites. The title of the window will be TCP Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) Properties Ön. In this section, if you are going to log in to banned sites with a normal home computer, you will be greeted by a blank screen as below.

Internet Protocol Version 4
Internet Protocol Version 4

The picture above also has the settings that are arranged to allow your home computer to automatically receive settings from the Internet service provider.

Google DNS Setting

You need to make your settings in the following picture. I am one of the most secure DNS addresses in Google Dns setting for this process. At the end of the article I will have a list of ropes. You can use any of these IP addresses to change the DNS. It’s okay to memorize Google Dns IP numbers. Let’s get this IP number right away. As – we will use in our settings.

First, let’s find the option em Use Dns Server Addresses Below far in the screen indicated by the red arrow and click the left button of our mouse on the left side of the small circle. Then the two boxes at the bottom will be activated. Fill in as in the example below.

Preferred Dns Server8.8.8.8
Other DNS Server8.8.4.4
Changing DNS Setting Picture Expression

Just like in the picture above, just click on the ”OK sonra button. Finally, we’ll turn off all the open windows on the Son x encer mark. Let’s turn off the warnings that you encounter by saying “OK“ or “Yes Karş. Then let’s start a program like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer that you use to enter the Internet. Access to the banned sites After the steps you have applied in our 2019 article, try to log in again by typing the address of the disabled site. If you are still receiving the same error, try the IP addresses in the table below until you have solved your problem. If you write a comment under this article for more information and to resolve your issues, I will try to help you with the fastest dns settings.

2019 Current DNS Setting Ip Numbers

Google Dns IP8.8.8.8
Comodo DNS8.
Norton DNS199.85.126.10199.85.127.10


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